Sugarcane crops require year-round monitoring. With Strider, you have more confidence in the information collected in the field and react quickly so that the problems encountered in this season do not affect the next year.

Produce 1.6 t more of cane per hectare

with 3% less borer

The borer has a tight application window: once it gets into the stem, the chemical can not reach it anymore. With Strider technologies, you ensure reliable and accurate monitoring to support applications at the right time.

Monitor and keep Sphenophorus

always under control

Once installed, the soil pests will go with you until the reform. Strider helps you react quickly to keep these pests in control, increasing the field useful life.

Control Spittlebugs,

with intelligence

With the increase of areas of raw cane harvest, the spittlebug has become increasingly relevant. With Strider solutions, you guarantee pest control even in the first generation of nymphs.

Better monitor,

without going to all the fields

Data collected in one field represent neighboring fields that behave similarly. This way you can analyse the whole farm with a smaller team.

Compare the estimated TFP

with that measured at the plant

Estimate the productivity of each field. Assess the presence of pests, weather factors and other factors of production breakdown and compare the estimated values with that measured at the plant.


process quality

Follow up on all planting, cultural dealings and harvesting activities. From the monitoring performed, such as amount of gems per linear meter of furrow, quality of seedlings and thickness of the covering soil layer, you identify faults and respond quickly to correct them.


harvest losses

Monitor harvest losses and adjust blades, cutting height, and rotational speed of the machine in real time.


application quality

Improve quality of operation by avoiding improper spraying, overlapping applications, street jumps, and downtime. Correct operational faults in real time to react immediately, avoiding or reducing operating losses.

Know the results