When planting soybeans, you only have 4 months to either succeed or fail. Strider is here to help you succeed.

Strider allows you to keep track of supplies and utilize them effectively, at the right times, ensuring you stay ahead of any unforeseen events.

Apply sprays with confidence!

Making data-driven decisions allows you to reduce expenses

With Strider, you know what the threats are in your field. Stinkbug, whitefly, rust… or whatever it might be, knowing is half the battle. Once you know, you can act appropriately to minimize damage.

Monitor effectively,

with reduced team

Use NDVI maps to identify areas of risk and the best points to monitor. With accurate data available to you, you are able to send your team directly to the most likely source of the problem.

Stay up-to-date with

automatic alerts

If something goes wrong, you’ll be notified immediately with an automatic alert and information pertinent to the issue. Wherever you are, wherever you go, you’ll have access to everything you need.

Plan around

the weather

Take into account the weather for every activity you do: identify periods without rain to schedule the harvest, avoid applications on days with strong wind. Know if your field is suffering from water and thermal stress.

Detailed tracking of

machine applications.

Quickly identify any errors in the machine: applying sprays too quickly, skipping rows, or even overlapping. Track it all and earn 10% to 15% more effective output per machine.


your harvests

Track quality and maturity indicators to better plan your harvest. Having the right resources ensures you harvest each field at the right time.

Build custom maps

allowing for greater analysis

Overlap productivity maps to NDVI analysis, heat maps of pest pressure, moisture and soil analysis, and more. Analyze these and understand the impact of these factors on your field production.

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