Planting soybeans is gaining or losing in four months.

With Strider, use the supplies you already have in a more accurate way, in the right time and making sure that unforeseen events do not get you unprepared.

Apply correctly!

Making decisions from accurate data, you reduce your expenses

Stinkbug, whitefly, rust... With Strider technologies, you know what the real threats are and you can react in the right time, either by posting applications in the fields in equilibrium or by advancing applications in the ones at control level.

Better monitor

with the team reduced

Use NDVI maps to identify areas of risk and define the best points to monitor. This way, you send your team directly to the most likely locations of problems.


automatic alerts

Receive proactive alerts configured with all the information you want to receive. Thereby, you have access to everything that happens wherever you are.

Do not let the weather mess up

the execution of activities

Plan your activities taking into account the ideal weather conditions for each of them: identify periods without rain to schedule the harvest, avoid applications on days with strong wind ... Also know if your plantation is suffering from water and thermal stress.

Say goodbye

to low quality applications

Quickly identify when the operator is working above determined speed, skipping lines or overlapping applications. Earn 10% to 15% more effective working time for each machine.


your harvesting operation

Follow quality and maturity indicators to better plan the harvest logistics, guaranteeing resources such as machinery and labor, to harvest each field at the right time.

Have maps overlaid

and make smarter reviews

Overlap productivity maps to NDVI analysis, heat maps of pest pressure, moisture and soil analysis and understand the impact of these factors on your production.

Know the results