Fruits and vegetables are complex crops with strict requirements imposed by increased regulation. Strider technologies helps you to optimize and keep track of what applications have been used while also ensuring fruit quality.

Pay your employees based

on their production

Control your labor force- even temporary hires- more effectively and monitor the productivity of each person.


quality and sustainability

With reliable and efficient monitoring, you’ll only need to spray applications when absolutely necessary.

Detailed tracking

of machine applications

Quickly identify any errors in the machine: applying too quickly, skipping rows, or even overlapping. Track it all and increase the effectiveness of your fleet.

Build custom maps allowing

for greater analysis

Overlap productivity maps to NDVI analysis, heat maps of pest pressure, moisture and soil analysis, and more. Analyze these and understand the impact of these factors on your field production.

Track harvest


Whether you harvest manually or with the help of a machine, Strider helps you stay in control from the beginning. With continuous monitoring of the harvest and farm resources, you’ll be sure to finish harvesting on time.

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