HF is a complex crop, intensive in inputs and with requirements imposed by increasing regulation. Strider allows you to keep track of your crop with traceability, optimizing the use of inputs while ensuring fruit quality.

Remunerate your team

based on what each one actually produced

Control the labor force - including the temporary worker - more effectively and monitor the productivity of each one.


quality and sustainability

Apply only when control is required, based on reliable monitoring.

Increase the performance

of your machines

Identify faults in the operation, such as: machine above recommended speed, street jumps and overlapping sprays. Immediately intervene to increase the effective work of your fleet.

Have maps overlaid

and make smarter reviews

Overlap productivity maps to NDVI analysis, heat maps of pest pressure, moisture and soil analysis and understand the impact of these factors on your production.


the progress of the harvest

Whether in mechanized or manual harvesting, we help you better program your operation, monitoring the evolution of the harvest in each field and allocating the necessary resources (machines and labor) to fulfill the activities on time.

Know the results