Cotton is for experts, it is not a game! A week of uncontrol can compromise a whole field. With Strider, you can keep firm control throughout the cycle, making sure that the unforeseen do not get you unprepared.

Boll weevil monitored

and under control

Be precise in monitoring boll weevil and react quickly and assertively, preventing it from spreading and causing damage to your production.

Find out immediately

when something needs your attention

Response time on cotton is a critical issue. Know immediately, through alerts defined by you, what you need to do to avoid losses.

Know when to apply

growth regulators

Track plant growth and compare to an ideal growth model. Thus, you identify when you need to apply growth regulators.

Guarantee of the fulfillment

of advance sale agreements

Use the field measurements to estimate the productivity of each field and compare with the expected potential of each variety.


your harvesting operation

Program the harvest based on the indicators of quality and maturation of each field. Ensure the availability of machines and operators.

Know the results