Planting and harvesting cotton is serious business. One bad week can compromise a whole field. With Strider, you are in control throughout the entire season. We make sure you are never unprepared.

Monitor boll weevil and

keep it under control

With Strider, you can monitor boll weevil and respond quickly and appropriately, ensuring it does not spread and damage production.

Find out immediately

when something needs your attention

We all know response time is critical in preventing further damage to cotton. With our custom alerts, you’ll be notified quickly when there’s a problem, allowing you respond accordingly.

Know when to apply

growth regulators

Track plant growth and compare it to an ideal growth model. In doing so, you identify when you need to apply growth regulators.

Guarantee fulfillment of sales

contracts in advance

Use real-time data and measurements to estimate the productivity of each field compared to the expected output.


your harvest

Plan your harvest based off the quality and maturity indicators of each field. Ensure adequate resources are available.

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