The application at the right time is decisive for the final result of the coffee grains. With Strider, you can keep a firm control throughout the year based on reliable monitoring and assertive applications.


automatic alerts

Receive proactive alerts configured with all the information you want to receive. Thereby, you have access to everything that happens wherever you are.

Apply at the right time

and ensure high productivity

Have reliable and accurate monitoring so you can perform assertive applications with infestation levels still low. Thus, you avoid threats such as leaf miner, coffee borer, roya fungus, and southern red mite that impact coffee productivity and quality.


the certification process

Have the full applicability history and easily justify the decisions made. Thus, it is much easier to prepare the necessary documents for UTZ Certified, Rainforest Alliance, 4C certifications, among others.

Increase the performance

of your machines

Identify faults in the operation, such as a machine above the speed recommended for the activity developed, street jumps, spray overlap and intervene immediately to increase the effective work of your fleet.


crop losses

Adjust machine speed, vibration and oscillator brakes, in real time, according to grain maturation to reduce losses.


when to renovate a field

Follow quality indicators and productivity estimates per bushel of each field, easily identifying the fields that need reform.

Know the results