Growing citrus is a costly investment, so errors are not an option. With Strider, you can plan your entire operation to make it more competitive and profitable, making sure that the unforeseen do not get you unprepared.

Be much more accurate

in raising greening

Ensure a sharp field team, generating reliable greening information to eradicate all affected plants.

Know the geographic behavior

of the pests

Map the geographic dispersion of pests and diseases, identifying their source focus. This way you can fight the problem before it spreads.


application quality

Improve quality of operation by avoiding improper spraying, overlapping applications, street jumps, and downtime. Correct operational faults in real time to react immediately, avoiding or reducing operating losses.

Optimize your

harvesting operation

Follow quality and maturity indicators to better plan the harvest logistics, guaranteeing resources such as machinery and labor, to harvest each field at the right time.

Know when

to renovate a field

Monitor quality indicators and easily identify declining productivity fields to know when reform is needed.

Simplify the

certification process

Have a history of pesticide, fertilizer and compost. Visualize all operational aspects and the use of chemicals, which are registered with reliability and duly justified.