About Us

Strider develops technological innovations for the agricultural market. The company was born in 2013 with the mission of making agricultural management more efficient and assertive. That’s why the first pest monitoring and control was created, with the use of Information Technology (IT).

Strider Base

Precision agriculture: this is our business.

Today, the company follows the day-to-day of hundreds of crops in the whole world - more than 600 rural properties, in Brazil and United States, providing technological solutions which focus on the needs of producers and their teams.

Strider has been consolidated in the AgTech business as a platform for the operational control over rural properties and today is already a leader in agricultural technology. From the monitoring of machinery and pest control to satellite imaging of the crops, the technologies help the producer to save costs, increase productivity and better manage processes and people.

It is necessary to invest in innovation and this can only be done through technology. Adopting the Strider technology is the right step to start a process of agricultural modernization and grow.

Equipe Strider

Our Journey

September, 2013

Strider is founded

October, 2013

Strider Crop Protection Beta Version

September, 2014

Strider Crop Protection, Version 2

December, 2014

200,000 acres monitored

July, 2015

First customer in the United States

July, 2015

500,000 acres monitored

February, 2016

800,000 acres monitored

May, 2016

USA Expansion

July, 2016

1 million acres monitored

August, 2016

First customer in Australia

August, 2016

1.2 million acres monitored