Strider is proud to be at the forefront of AgTech, helping to develop and take technology and agriculture together deep into the future. According to Forbes, Strider is one of the most innovative AgTech companies to come out in recent years. Strider’s continued growth and success are a testament to the ability and quality of its products utilized by farms all over the world.

Today, the company follows more than 3,000 farms worldwide. From South America (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay) to North America (Mexico, USA) and all the way to Australia and Mozambique. Strider is all over the world bringing technology and agriculture together, providing Ag Tech solutions that allow producers to make fast, quality, informed decisions resulting in higher productivity from their fields.

Through our various tech platforms, Strider helps you identify the right time to apply sprays, aides in estimating crop productivity, ultimately ensuring that crop planting and harvesting yield you the highest results possible. Are you ready?

At Strider, we are there with you, side by side, day by day, through all your operations to ensure that the results you set out to achieve happen. And we help you do so with the best tech on the market.

Whatever it takes, whatever the time, you can count on us to be there for you. At Strider, our Customer Success Consultants always keep you in mind.

Here you will find educational content and relevant information about the ever-changing agro market.

In our series, On the Road: Journeys of Success, and Planting Ideas, keep up to date with success stories, news, and the constant innovations in technology and agriculture that result in the increased productivity of thousands of farms around the world.

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