Strider amongst the Top 50 Ag-Tech companies in the world

por Strider
Strider was chosen between more than 600 enterprises in the sector, as one of the 50 main agricultural technology companies in the world.

Because of that, they went all the way to California, in acceptance of an invitation to attend THRIVE Top 50 – an innovation forum which brought together entrepreneurs, investors, technology companies, researchers, farmers, and big corporations of the ag sector.

During the event, Strider was recognised by THRIVE Top 50 Scaling AgTech – a annual ranking which celebrates the best innovation minded companies in the agribusiness sector. It is promoted by SVG Partners, a group of investors in technology which also provides consulting. They team up with other giants in the industry to put together programs focused on strategy, innovation and global expansion.

Strider was the only brazilian company listed in the ‘Cloud-based Services/SaaS”, which includes tools that capture and store operational data through the cloud computing system, allowing the farmer to access the information anywhere from his computer, and remotely monitor their production.   

The forum discussed the global challenges faced by agriculture and food industry, apart from stimulating, through acceleration programs, the development and adoption of sustainable technologies which will be necessary to meet the world’s future demands for food.  

According to SVG Partners founder and CEO, John Hartnett, the awarded companies promote improvements in the generation of new solutions and lead the industry to adopt better bases for environmental management, culture resilience and many other benefits to the agricultural universe. Moreover, he states that they represent a powerful opportunity for the sector to produce our food sustainably, efficiently and safely.

With that recognition, Strider, once and for all claim their space in the international market of new technologies for productivity in the field. Founder and CEO, Luiz Tângari, sees the placement on the list as a strong indicator that the company is following the right track, but also as an incentive to never stop improving, and searching new ways to bring the digital revolution to agriculture.

Being in the market for three years, Strider already monitors the largest number of paid hectares in the world, having as clients more than 500 farms, who apply their solutions over a territory of more than 1.000.000 hectares, distributed in four countries. They now expect to invest R$ 4 million in new technologies and service expansion over the course of the year.  

Strider amongst the Top 50 Ag-Tech companies in the world

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