Remote sensing Technology that can identify the exact problems in the field and improve the decision making process of your farm..

Used on more than Remote sensing with the highest analysis frequency on the market.

Frequently updated biomass analysis and high resolution NDVI images taken weekly via satellite.

Why choose Strider Space?

Always up-to-date information about the health of your crops.
Analysis of problems not visible to the naked eye and areas difficult to access .
Comprehensive Crop Monitoring without a field-monitoring staff.
Reduce costs and increase crop production
Make faster and more confident decisions about your farm operation.

How the Strider Remote Sensing Works

No field staff, No problem

Identify issues in the field without a field-monitoring staff or even having to leave the office.

Reasons why to make the change now

The Big Picture

Quick and easy-to-understand analysis of all crops on one screen.

High Operational Efficiency

Invest time and resources only in the problematic areas that require attention to improve productivity.

Learn and Evolve with each new Harvest

Aggregated long term analysis of your farm’s problems that are easy-to-understand and ensure you learn from the past experiences of your harvests.

Cost reduction

Strider Crop Protection generates a significant reduction of your Agrochemical costs.

Reliable Information

Actual crop images and accurate data analyzed by the Strider Space software.

Whenever, Wherever

With Strider Space you can monitor the health of your crops anytime, from anywhere you have access to a computer.

Easy to implement. Easy to manage

We will gladly assist you and your staff in all the stages of integrated pest management.

Created with boots on the ground

Only a solution developed with everyday farmers could adapt to the demand of hundreds of different types of farms around the world, for all types of crops. With Strider, the farmer is the one determines the configuration of the software tailored to his specific needs.

Tailormade for the Farmer

Customized support when you need it. Active monitoring of your farm and a highly qualified team of specialists facilitating 24-7 support.