60% of the small problems that affect the day-to-day
in the crops is connected to machinery performance.

Strider TRACKER is a tracking system that will change your operation and help you to anticipate these problems. A simple, safe and accessible technology that can be implemented tomorrow.


How it works

Through a proprietary network that connects the entire crops, TRACKER shows to anyone with an internet connection where the machines on the field are, their paths and at what speed they have traveled.

The instant communication of the machinery on the field to the headquarters allows people in the office have access to the position of the machines at any moment, without interfering with the work of the operators on the field. The network supports crops of all different sizes and configurations, including areas larger than 10,000 acres and with a mountainous terrain.

A GPS tracker connects to the machine so you can follow up on its path through the farm.



A low frequency radio network transmits the machines’ positions in real time to a central computer and then to the cloud.

The crops manager can see exactly where the assets on the field are, and the paths they have traveled. Reports allow to consolidate daily, weekly and monthly work.


React quickly to fix any mechanical problems with your machines, speeding in the planting, harvesting and spraying activities

TRACKER allows those in the office to know exactly where each machine or implement is in the crops, and where it has been recently.

With it, it is possible to anticipated broken down machines in the field or operations above work speed.

Increase your team’s’ productivity

Follow your workers closely without interfering with their work on the field. Strider TRACKER registers the beginning and end of the work journey of the operators, making it possible to track worked hours and kilometers covered in the journeys. It is the ideal tool to pay third-party teams and hourly workers.



Improve the efficiency of your operations

Monitor machinery and implements, and identify opportunities for improvement in different processes in your crops.

Control fuel consumption

TRACKER generates fuel consumption reports that allow you to measure the performance of machinery and operators.



Changing parts management

Changing worn down parts from machines before they break down is the best way of minimizing maintenance costs in tractors and implements. A preventive service in the workshop also keeps tractors from breaking down on the field, which could compromise the operation.

TRACKER registers all part changes and sends replacement warnings when they reach maximum usage time or mileage.