Everything the producer needs to achieve operational excellence

You are well aware that every producer sleeps and wakes up paying attention to the last line in the spreadsheet: profit or loss? Keeping oneself viable is a matter that depends on cost control, while at the same time doing everything possible to achieve a more productive harvest.
Struder BASE allows the producer to keep an eye on the expected result throughout the productive cycle, from soil preparation up to storage.


How it works

BASE tracks all the activities in the crops and the producer can monitor everything that has to be done from one single place. The solution makes sure that activities such as harvesting, planting, spraying, monitoring, machinery maintenance, tillage, among others, are tracked, while you organize the allocation of machinery and implements.

Integrated Stock Control

Track all stock movement in the crops and monitor the costs of each input – pesticides and herbicides, fertilizers, seeds and more. With it, it is possible to allocate input costs to each field in the crop. Later, the producer can calculate the total costs of inputs per field based on these notes.



The crop plan, which can include one or more crops, makes it possible to create and maintain all the activity plan and monitor its execution in the pre-determined deadlines. For each step, Strider BASE manages the plan and resource consumption.

The plan covers all the stages in the crop:

1 Soil preparation;
2 Planting;
3 Crop protection;
4 Harvest;
5 Storage;


Lower costs and have a better control over your budget

A budget that presents what was expected versus what was executed makes it possible to compare how far from the initial plan one is, while the crop is in development.

Plan and monitor the exact production cost per acre and per activity, in every single stage.

Gain speed and organization

All the information you need to monitor your crop in one single place. BASE keeps all the information organized and makes available tools which are simple to understand and to use.


Operational excellence

Have access to productivity analysis through intelligent charts and customize graphics according to your priorities.

End of spreadsheets and instinctive management

Those who have been in the agribusiness for some years know very well when the business is going through change: the operation is more complex, the inputs are more expensive and margins are narrower.

There’s no more room for improvisation. Producing with a good profit margin requires professional management.