Technology used to automate your integrated pest management (IPM) and improve the decision-making process about when and where to spray chemicals.

Used on more than 500 farms worldwide

Technology used everyday in countries like Brazil, USA, Bolivia and Australia.

Why choose Strider Crop Protection

More than 2.4 million acres of soybeans in Brazil, USA and Australia
Used by the biggest sugarcane producers in Brazil e.g., Zillor, Umoe and Adeco
Most used technology among the top coffee producers in the world
More than 10% of Brazilian cotton industry uses Strider

How does Strider help you improve phytosanitary control

Your team will love using our tablet

Our Tablet has a clean and simple interface that anyone can use. We can train your entire field staff in just one day!

Reasons to make the change now

See what hundreds of producers in the world are using to control pests and pesticides.

Easy management

Manage the processes and people involved in monitoring your crops much easier and more accurately.

Analyze each harvest

Strider facilitates the organization of information to ensure learning from the experiences of recent harvests.

Decrease Spraying

Decrease defensive application of Agrochemicals using variable rate spraying to cut uses and costs.

Cost reduction

Strider Crop Protection generates a significant reduction of your Agrochemical costs.

Reliable information

Accurate data collected in the field about the farm production and performance of your staff.

Information wherever you are

Always be in the know about your farm operations remotely via the desktop or smartphone app.

Easy to implement. Easy to manage

We will gladly assist you and your staff in all the stages of integrated pest management.

Created side by side with everyday farmers

With Strider, the farmer is the one who decides how to use our technology soley based on their current farm methodology.

Boots on the ground

Strider will go to you. System implementation and training is done in person on your farm, as well as scheduled visits during the growing season to ensure the success of your operation.

Made for the farmer

Personalized support when needed. Active monitoring of the performance of your farm and complete customer service administered by our team of highly qualified professionals.