About Us

A team with a mission to transform agriculture

This small team has a great ambition:

Transforming the management of farms worldwide using software and technology to
prepare them for the new era of agriculture.

  • September, 2013Strider Foundation

  • October, 2013Version beta Strider Crop Protection

  • September, 2014Version 2 Strider Crop Protection

  • December, 2014500000 acres monitored

  • July, 2015 First customer in the United States

  • July, 2015120000 acres monitored

  • February, 2016200000 acres monitored

  • May, 2016Series A Monashees/Qualcomm

  • July, 2016 2400000 acres monitored

  • August, 2016 First customer Australia

  • August, 20162960000 acres monitored

Meet the Strider Team


Luiz Tângari

CEO e cofounder

Gabi Mendes

Growth Hacker e Cofounder

Carlos Neto

CTO e Cofounder

Vanessa Nogueira

Direct Sales Manager

Felipe Peixoto



Paulo Junior

Customer Success Manager

Rafael Souza

Business Development

Ana Attie

Marketing Intelligence Coordinator

Marcelo Ianelli

Customer Success Coordinator

Luan Coutinho

Customer Success Analyst


Paulo Vitor

Customer Success Analyst

Mateus Claver

Field Consultant

Diego Ramires

Customer Success Analyst

Rafael Malacco

Marketing Communications Analyst

Thais Andrade

Sales Executive


Rodrigo Leao

Sales Executive

Jason Tarpin

Sales Executive

William Cruz

Sales Executive

Caique Barreto

Sales Executive

Amanda Cardoso



Alexandrina da Silva

General Assistant

Mariana Moraes

Marketing Intelligence Analyst

Alice Siqueira

Marketing Intelligence Intern

Mariana Loschi


Felipe Carvalho

Business Analyst


Rafael Batista

Software Architect

Luis Gustavo

Systems Analyst

Israel Braga

Systems Analyst

Fabio Lelis

Systems Analyst

Bruno Azevedo

Systems Analyst